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The FireSide Chat Podcast has launched to join FireSide Chats at the fire in the hopes of helping people deal with the shit that we keep inside. The shit that we don't think anyone would understand. The shit we think we will be judged for. The shit that unless you've lived it, you wouldn't understand. We HAVE lived it and we do understand. 

FireSide Chats and the FireSide Chat Podcast are an uncensored look at the things that make us human. It's mental health, without the sugary coating. Uncensored love and compassion with a few f-bombs. We're sharing from the heart, to help heal the mind. 

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Episode 2, Part 2

A few short thoughts on the people and things that help.

PLEASE BE ADVISED, this video contains strong language.

"Cancer was a way out. It was a way to explain what was wrong with me so people could understand."

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